Spotted Pig Farm

Franklin – Indiana


Idaho Pasture & Kunekune pigs, French Alpine & Nigerian Dwarf goats, a passel of chickens, a flock of guinea hens, 3 Alpacas, a couple of Jacob sheep and a pack of too many cute dogs

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A large spotted Idaho pasture pig boar standing in front of a red barn


Our Farm

Located in Southern Central Indiana, Spotted Pig Farm is a small farm operation focused on breeding Idaho Pasture Pigs, dairy goats and birds in the most responsible and sustainable ways we know how. We also have a small garden that we use to raise food for our family and produce traditional food stuffs including hot sauce and pickles.  As far as we know a farm has stood on this land for over 100 years, including our ancient relic of a barn which we still use to this day.  Surrounded by modern commodity crop fields and farm operations we aim to bring slow food back to our community.


Recent Photos