Quality Over Quantity

Animals raised with love, living their best lives

Sustainable, humane, traditional, pasture raised, hormone free, anti-biotic free, biodynamic, transparent, farm-to-table, zero waste, accountability: these are all great buzz words that people like to throw around, but for us they are a way of life.  We seek to return to the roots of farming, using time tested methods blended with modern techniques we seek to grow the best food we can for ourselves and for our community while giving the best life we can to our 4 legged and feathered friends.

Red barn with storm clouds overhead
An old red barn with green roof, surrounded by lush green pastures, in the distance a storm can be seen rolling in across the sky
Beautiful farmer and baby pig
A stunningly beautiful farmer clutches a spotted piglet to her chest

Our Story

The Spotted Pig Farmers

Spotted Pig Farm was founded in 2015.  Our vision is to provide humanely grown food for our family and to eventually expand production to our community.  Together (and with a little help from the kids), we care for this hodge podge of caprine, porcine, camelids and fowl.



The Farm

Located just south of Franklin, IN



Strikingly handsome farmer holds baby goats
A strikingly handsome farmer holds two black and white baby goats in front of a lush field of green corn.