Idaho Pasture Pig snoots

Pasture Raised Pork


While our main focus is on raising breeding Idaho Pasture Pigs, we do occasionally have pigs that we raise for slaughter, we process our pigs with our partners at This Old Farm in Colfax, Indiana. 

Our process for raising pork is time, resource, and labor intensive. As such it is not a cheap product.  We generally charge $6.50/lbs on the hanging weight PLUS the processing fees which vary based on processing options. Our hogs on average have a hanging weight of between 150lbs and 200lbs and processing fees average around $250 depending on how much you have smoked and/or cured.  We also charge a $50 delivery fee to deliver the pork to your door or you can choose to pick up up directly from This Old Farm at their facility within 7 days of it being processed.

We will request a non-refundable deposit per whole hog of $300 ($200 for a half) to reserve a hog.

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Idaho Pasture Piglets nursing

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Idaho Pasture pigs enjoying green pasture grass

Pasture Raised


All of our pigs have access to fresh pasture in the summer and plenty of alfalfa and orchard grass hay in the colder months with plenty of access to the finest Indiana well water available. We do supplement with a blend of grain and minerals but only to ensure that our pigs get the proper nutrition to live healthy and happy lives.

Smiling kune kune

Hormone & Preventative Antibiotic Free

We never use hormones on any of our pigs and try to follow the same principles we use on our family for medical care, if a natural and time tested remedy is available, we’ll use that first, but in the rare case something more is needed we’re not afraid to turn to science and modern veterinarian medicine when its needed.

Mother Idaho Pasture Pig enjoying pasture at sunset

Happy Pigs make Better Pork

  Our pigs frolic in the breeze, wallow in the mud puddles, and nap in the sun, and nose around in the dirt just like pigs are meant to do. Our pigs never spend any time on concrete or penned into a stuffy barn while on our farm.

A very spotted Idaho Pasture Pig

Processed to Order

All of our pigs are processed by our friends at This Old Farm.  We choose to work with This Old Farm because they care about their process as much as we care about ours and ensure that of our our pigs are treated with that same level of care from the moment they get dropped off until the moment they get delivered to our customer. They do things the right way, without cutting corners or trying to maximize profit at the sacrifice of quality.